Offering vegetables
Offer vegetables twice a day, rather than just at dinner. Vegetables include baked beans, salad vegetables, soup with vegetables.






Are you stressed at the thought of mealtimes?
Are you concerned that your child is not eating enough?

Or do you worry that your child is not getting all the nutrients they need?

Getting your child to eat, let alone eat the right foods, does not have to feel like a daily crusade. We're here to support you!

Our mission is to provide you, the parent, with the knowledge, guidance and advice for you to feel confident in feeding your children. We achieve this through individual consultation, group nutrition talks and specific resources and advice provided by Eve Reed and associates. 

End the struggle, the worry and the pressure around feeding.



Eve provides individual consultations regarding your child’s diet. Eve has consulting Eve Reedrooms at Crows Nest and Stanmore and will also come to your home for convenience.

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After working with Eve, there were huge improvements with our son's eating. Eve helped us work out a customised schedule to suit our needs that changed our son from what we thought was a fussy eater to a far more flexible eater! It made the eating experience so much more enjoyable and less of a dreaded task for all of us. 

S & B, Neutral Bay

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Upcoming Talks

Feeding your child is not just about nutrition, although that's important too. It is also important that you enjoy mealtimes, know what to offer your family to eat and feel competent about feeding.

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